Troy the Locator's Aircraft

Does anyone know the registration of the aircraft shown in Troy the Locator?

Wow! Never heard of that.

Great show. It shows what I think is a Cessna jet but I don’t know the model.

Citation? :laughing:

I know it’s not one of the straight wing models - just don’t know if it’s a 650, 750, or …

Google is your friend:lol: Look up the episode on youtube. Based on your description it could also be a 510 or 680.

I am really surprised that no one picked up on Damiross watching Women’s Entertainment Television! :stuck_out_tongue:

Too easy.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

One episode showed the registration but it was too short of a period to be able to see what it was.

I had used Google to locate a video but didn’t look at the youtube videos.

Hi, this is Troy Dunn, from"The Locator". Was told there was a chat going on about our aircraft, so thought I’d drop in and comment.
We have been extended access to a handful of jets, which we have the blessing of choosing from as needed. We are using them less lately in an effort to control budgets.
The show is about granting wishes by reuniting people with long lost loved ones. We travel the country surprising people with their lost loved ones. It really isn’t just for women, by the way. Last nights episode was an amazing U.S. soldier back from Iraq wanting to find his father.
I hope you guys check it out when you have time. Details at
See you over the clouds! :slight_smile:
Troy Dunn

Thanks, Troy, for the information on the aircraft.

You do have a great show. I enjoyed both of them yesterday - the soldier and the young girl looking for her father. I’m not ashamed to admit I had tears of happiness at the conclusion of both.

Keep up the good job!

No offense Troy but I had never heard of your network ‘We’ or your show until Dami mentioned it. In an odd coincidence today, my Mom told me she watched your show last night before she watched figure skating on tv last night. I guess I should stop reading books and start watching cable. :laughing: Oh yeah! I don’t have cable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the honesty Dami, I get a little misty-eyed from time to time as well, which is hard to admit for an old college football linebacker! :slight_smile:
Wazzu, tell your mom thankyou very much for watching. However, could we PLEASE leave figure-skating out of this conversation??? LOL

I just found this thread. The tail number of the CE680 was N468SA. Current tail # is N63CR (blocked).

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