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Tropo "Other" UK

Some tropospheric ducting effects observed from my station late yesterday evening: the change in the weather and increasing pressure no doubt the cause.

While I tend see the groundstations TXLU00 & TXLU01 poping up when conditions are up, last night in addition to seeing traffic on the ground at Heathrow, I was also seeing an unusual amount of “Other”…


Does anyone have any idea what the SMRTOP & TEST1234 stations might be?


Also, positions way up on my recent days :slight_smile:


I believe SMRTOP is a ground station at Stansted.

Looks like the Test ones are at Heathrow:

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Thanks @LawrenceHill that’s a very handy list of ground stations: I’ve bookmarked that url.

Also, looking at the Hepburn Tropo Index at Tropospheric Ducting Forecast for VHF & UHF Radio & TV
the 1800 UTC through to midnight maps satisfyingly correlate with the actual lift conditions I observed.

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For me, a good indication of tropo is these four ground stations appearing.