Tropical storm Kay


We are flying on Thurs. 8/21 on Southwest from Ft.Laud. to Raleigh Durham, NC then on to Nashville. Did anyone take this flt. 1418 today (wed). Saw on the tracker it went around Kay to the east of course. Flt. landed on time. How was the flight if you were on it?


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Today’s SWA 1418 flight apparently took its usual route. I compared it to other random previous flights such as (August 7th), and they all look similar. Though I was not on the flight, I would expect the takeoff and climb to cruise to be a bit bumpy. Probably will hit a few bumps at altitude as well. It should be quite a spectacular sight on the way out, especially on the left side of the plane.


From comments provided by airline pilots on another board…flying in the area and through portions of Kay, was no different than typical FL convective weather.


Tropical Storm Fay :smiley:


You’re just being NIT-PICKY! :laughing:

Radar shows the storm farther to the east, so now that spectacular view will be on the right side of the plane.


:blush: I guess it’s just indicative of how memorable this storm is…


You can call me Fay,
Or you can call me Kay,
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To bad I will not be at work when you come in. BNA is where I work for WN.