Triple A Baseball Flight Numbers

Does anyone know or recognize any triple a minor league team flight numbers? because i know that they travel by plane and are like the only minor league division to travel by flight.

Maybe they fly commercial.

I thought they travelled on buses that stay on the ground.

I know “A” goes by bus around these parts.

they fly commercial

I’m not too sure about AAA baseball, although I’d imagine the close teams probabyl do bus it, but I know that the AHL (Hockey’s equivilent to AAA) will fly commercial on longer distances. Case in point, the Peoria Rivermen have flown commercial to San Antonio to face the Rampage.

If an AHL team flies(and it’s rare) they typically go commercial. Those guys spend a lot of time on buses. I remember a story from 2 seasons ago detailing the Dallas Stars flight originating in Vancouver stopped to pick up the Iowa Stars in Manitoba and dropped them in Dallas so they could bus it over to San Antonio. The AHL players gushed about the aircraft and how much better it was than a bus trip or a commercial flight.

We have had several extended family members playing AAA ball, they primarily flew commercially between games.

Right very rare, especially for the teams out east and then here with Peoria, Chicago, IOWA, Quad Cities etc. I’d imagine Manitoba probably gets a good share of it, just for the fact that they’re so far from everyone.

I work for a AAA team and we bus 50% of the time and fly commercial the other 50%. ExpressJet is making a huge push to convince the AAA teams to begin chartering with them, and they are offering the teams huge hourly discounts. I haven’t heard about how many are going to be doing the ExpressJet charters though.

Considering that a lot of ball players are taller and heavier than the average man, how do they like flying? Are the aircraft they use (can you name names) outfitted with more leg room or are they “off-the-rack” aircraft (i.e. coach with the normal 31" of leg room)?

The only planes (including Major League Charters) that I have ever been around have all been “off the rack” planes that simply come out of scheduled service to pick up the charter. The deal ExpressJet was trying to pitch to AAA teams, I believe, involved at 41 seat ERJ-145 that had a bit more leg room. Most of the Minor League guys prefer to fly because that prevents them from sleeping on a bus all night, then playing the very next day.

I’m sure a lot of people prefer flying buses than ground buses.