Trio of Dassault 900's

N96NX, N97NX and N98NX, all Falcon 900’s all in matching colors yet registered Falcon Administration or Spirit/United Management are all bound for MKC within 45 minutes of each other. Anyone know who are what these jets are associated with?

These three aircraft belong to the very exclusive SOTFCNBW96 (“Society of Three Falcons Consecutively Number Beginning with 96NX”). They are going to a convention.

It seems all three of these planes are owned by Nextel/Sprint. I believe their headquarters are in Kansas City. I could only speculate why they would all be traveling together from DC?

That would explain the color scheme of the aircraft with the yellow and black. All three of them do a lot of Dulles - Kansas City runs. Guess they do a ton of VIP shuttling to need 3 jets. Thanks for the info.

I think the Sprint part of the company grew out of Kansas City.

They’re doing “can you hear me now” experiements. :smiling_imp:

That would be the Verizon jets. Sprint doesn’t give a $#| if they can hear you or not…

That’s sort of why I suggested they were doing their “can you hear me now test” since they were only flying 45 minutes apart. :smiling_imp:

Generally when more than one, senior board member are traveling to the same location, it is common security procedure to have members on separate aircraft.

You may recall the Trump organization lossing several senior members in a helicopter accident. Many major corporations, as opposed to a ‘perk’, it is actually written policy that they cannot travel together.

In addition, underwriters will usually prohibit corporate officers and senior staff from flying together, even on commercial carriers.

This is especially true when there are large individual life insurance or business interruption policies in effect.

The Falcons are “legacy Nextel” in company lingo and based at IAD. The “legacy Sprint” a/c are a pair of G-IVs N888SQ (blocked reg) and N913SQ based at MKC (they were at MCI for a time, but moved back to “the island”) N913SQ was acquired 2nd hand in 2005 after they downsized from a GLEX N816SQ (notice the Kansas City area code theme?)

There’s also a 737-500 (N264ST, ex China Southern B-2541) which was purchased with the intent of converting to a 60 seat shuttle. Up until the cutbacks in the company started in January, there was a daily IAD-MKC (or MCI) shuttle open on a space-A basis to any employee (not just mgmt) with business between the two HQs.

The cutbacks have now led to the Gulfstreams and the 737 being put up for sale. The latter is currently in Ardmore, OK with a partially gutted interior after Sprint pulled the plug.

Looks like all three of these birds are for sale. … 2557AF6D29 … 2557AF6D29 … 2557AF6D29

Nextel has a flight operations dept. at IAD, right next to Landmark. You’ll see the -NX callsigns all the time there.