Triangular Airport???


A few years ago I was on a flight from MSP to MCO on Northwest and about midway through, we flew over an airport with the runways set up in a triangular configuration. If you know what airport this is and where it is, please tell me. I’m just curious. Thank You!


This is a joke, right?

“Triangular” airports are not uncommon, especially at military bases.

Here’s one, although probably not the one you saw.

Airports come in an amazing range of layouts, not just the “normal” cruciform represented by crosswind runways.

How about a square one?

You can find arrowhead layouts, rectangular, etc., almost everything except circular.

I would suggest starting here and check by state for the one you saw.




Start here: … ation=KMCO

It lists several different flights. Then you can click on a flight:
( … /KMSP/KMCO )
and then see the history of each flight. Looks like generally the search could be limited to southern Illinois/Indiana, western Kentucky, and central Tennessee.

But JHEM is right. There could be as many as 5 to 10 triangular-shaped airports in the given region and we could not tell with any degree of certainty which one you might’ve seen.

You could get the CG-20 and CG-21 World Aeronautical charts
( )
and look at them - look at the right side of the CG-20 and the left side of the CG-21 and see if you can spot the one in question.

Hope this helps…


A cursory glance at my charts shows Decatur, Illinois

as being the most prominent such airport in the region.

Here is the airport diagram:

You’d have to turn it southside up to orient the diagram the way you saw it IF it’s the one you saw. Again, it could’ve been a different airport that you saw.


It’s a new Air Force program established to counter the aliens who build crop circles. Cub pilots dont seem to mind either.


from the air this is what Decatur looks like … -88.865689


Ah yes - the old terraserver aerial photo trick! Good deal!
…and here’s about how it would’ve looked from your perspective traveling in the direction you were headed:
Look familiar?


If the airport was surrounded by water, I’d seriously consider KOFD, Kiss OF Death airport at Triangle, Bermuda.


You need to be more descriptive for all i know you could have flown more towards the west or east. :slight_smile: Just next time be more helpful, or you will be given a lot of CRAP from people (trust me I should know.) :blush: :laughing: