Transtar Airlines flights? How?!


So, I live at KCDC. Nothing big usually comes in here, but when I checked flightaware tonight, it said that flights TST80 and TST82 were scheduled for DEP, each headed to KEWR, one a 747 and one a 752. That is very out of the ordinary. I ran to the airport to see these aircraft, and they weren’t there! I didnt think they were going to be, as there was no arrival FP. But, whats interesting here is that Transtar Airlines has been extinct since 1987. Another interesting thing is that they did not operate either of those aircraft.

So I went away from my pc for awhile, and now with those two flights its saying that if can’t find the flights, but two new FP’s had been filed, once again, to KEWR(flights TST180 & TST182). But this time, the aircraft was a 738. Still never departed, and still didnt see anything at the airport. The other FP did not give any aircraft data. The thing that creeped me out is that at first I thought this could be just some flight simmer accidentally submitting real FAA flight plans when hes trying to just plan a flight for the sim, BUT when I was searching for other Transtar Airlines, it said that one was flying, it was in an MD11, and that it was making progress, yet theres nothing on the radar. Link to that is

So what do you guys think, somebody wrongly submitting FP’s that were not made for the real world, creepy activity going on, or has Transtar risen again?

Heres a link to all their current flying flights -


TST = tEst flight plans entered by the FAA


The cowboys at Pax River also like to use TST idents:


I’ve noticed that call signs never seem to be removed.

Here’s a history of TranStar. As you’ll find out, TranStar stopped operations 22 years ago.


I knew they were extinct since 1987, thats why this was so weird to me. Does the FAA really do test flight plans?



Obviously they do, judging by the flight plans entered.


I saw two TST flights yesterday. Both were CRJ 200s departing SEA to JFK and EWR.