Trans States Airlines

Does United Airlines fly as Trans States Airlines?? My sister is in KORD right now and I don’t know when she leaves for KMKE, shes flying for United and theres a Trans States Airlines flight going to KMKE later in the day, I just want to know if that could be her flight.

Yes indeed.

as of right now TSA operates as United express, american connection and us air express, as well as themselves as a charter airline for sports teams. 54 Emb 145 aircraft and growing.

Actually, Trans States Airlines flies as United Express but I know what you meant.

It operates for United out of United’s ohare, denver and washington hubs.

Trans States currently flies 4 flights between ORD and MKE as United Express…United flight numbers 7929, 7880, 7948, and 7995. Flights are subject to daily schedules.

Jeez how many companies fly as United Express??
I see ASH, SKW and TCF flying to KCID from KORD, and SKW & TCF from KDEN.

Mesa, SkyWest, Trans States, Shuttle America, Go Jets, Chautauqua, and Colgan

Trans States Airlines No longer operates american connection flights.
they also have gone from a corporation to an LLC.
United airlines has gave them a 60 day probation and from what i have heard they are in trouble with united. They only operate 4 US Airways express aircraft and the rest of there jets are United except for 4 that can be flown either and for charter flights.
the probation also applies for GO Jet airlines trans states owned airline.
They are also pulling there headquarters out of stl and relocation maintenance to dulles. They will continue tsa and go jet heavy checks in stl for 6 months of the year.

Big deal!

They only operate 29 airplanes (erj 145’s) with 158 pilots on furlough. I don’t see the growth part that you mentioned?! :wink:

Yeah They lost there american contract is what my buddy that works there told me. they had to send back almost half there fleet. They were growing but i dont see them doing anything now but tanking.