Trans-Atlantic on a 757

Has anybody experienced this long trip on a tight plane? I know Continental do these flights from EWR. Could anybody explain what its like to be on a 757 that long?

I’ve been on the above run a couple of times on American 757s. It is a very long ride (6:30, if memory serves), without much room to move around. But it’s a lot easier than two three-hour flights with a two-hour layover at ORD or DEN.

I flew KBOS (Boston, MA) - EGCC (Manchester, UK) last summer on a 757 operated by American Airlines. The flight is sold as all economy and you can upgrade to one of the dozen first class seats if you’re an AA frequent flier or by paying $200 at checkin. It was a redeye so it didn’t feel like that long in the plane, but it was nice going through customs/immigration with ~180 people instead of ~300.

For three years I had to endure Continental’s from EWR and American’s 757 from MIA to Venezuela (Caracas), Ecuador (Quito), Bolivia (La Paz) and Peru (Lima). Most of my flights were overnite flights (with the exception of Continental’s return flights from Lima and AA flights from La Paz). I can assure you those flights were not fun at all. Narrow seats that don’t recline (even in Business…).