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"Training" XC routes for PPL, IR and CPL

Hello All,
I’m currently in the IR training and was on skyvector just charting out multiple xc routes for my upcoming xc trip. That got me thinking…I’m sure there are many others who are working towards their intended ratings. Wouldn’t it be nice if others who have recently completed such trip, can post their popular, challenging, fun and/or otherwise recommended routes (State,region or metro area, all airport identifiers along the route, if able and where relevant approaches). This would help, future pilots with routes that they otherwise might overlook. All pireps related to $100 burgers, nice FBO etc are good info to know, but the emphasis is on the route itself. Care to share your routes???

Here are my xc routes for those in Dallas area:

full stop taxi back @ KADM, 1 full stop taxi back @ KTKI, full stop @ KADS

IR practice run - Texas Dallas KADS KSPS KGLE KADS
stop&go / vor/dme-e @ KSPS, stop&go rnav @ KGLE, full stop ILS @ KADS

IR xc req towards rating (planning) Texas Dallas KADS KACT KCLL KTKI KADS