Tracking page will not load properly

When trying to watch the progress of an IFR flight, I can read the routing, but the tracking window shows an error. When I chose “View Image” I get the following error message:

The image … rivaltime= cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Any idea what might be wrong?

Thanks in Advance,


Need more data: provide an example of a flight you are trying to track.

Hey thanks for the quick reply! I am trying to track Flight/Tail # N356ES, an instrument student on his checkride out of Hartford Brainard. :smiley:

I was probably handled as a tower enroute control flight. This is most often the cause of having no track on flights of short duration.

Does it just happen with that flight, or does it happen with all flights. It worked for me - I didn’t see any tracks on the map, and no tracklog was available, but I did see the map and no eeror message appeared for me.

Hmmmm, tower enroute would make sense and if that doesn’t post a track log that would make even more sense.

The aircraft is a flight school plane. After my friend was flying, it went up again. Their log didn’t show either BUT the image was there. The departure and destination airports identified, just no route between them.

Thanks again!

GENERALLY, instrument checkrides are done under VFR conditions and VFR ATC handling therefore no tracking would be available.


Generally, you’re probably right. I have, however, watched some live ones as they occur.

(I love watching them fuss with holds.) :smiling_imp: