Tracking graphic missing


Occasionally when I’ve tried to view a flight graphic, using the tail number option for a GA a/c, I would have trouble veiwing it. Recently, the last few days, I can’t view any flight graphics or flight logs for GA a/c. I tried at work also and I run into the same problem. The graphic window just shows a small icon in the upper left corner. The same thing happens when I double click where the graphic should be, a larger window opens but still only the icon in the upper left corner. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks


Check your Internet Options. There’s an option to display or not display graphics.

In Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Internet Options. Select the advanced tab. Scroll down to Multimedia. Verify that the “show pictures” box is checked.

In Firefox - a much better browser - click on Tools - Options and then select the content tab. Verify that the box labeled Load Images Automatically is checked.


Please provide links to some of the flights you’re having trouble with.

I doubt it’s a browser configuration problem, since you’re unable to view the all text tracklog.


One of tail numbers is N5356F. Also I should have mentioned that I can get the graphic for an airport/live tracking and for scheduled airliner flights.


N5356F isn’t showing up for me either.


Mine’s drawing a blank on that one too.


I can add a “me too” on that one also – but only for the December 19th flight. Five earlier flights of N5356F do have appropriate maps.


Looks like a bug in the map server. It sizes the map based on the location of the origin and destination airport, as well as all of the position reports for the flight. With no position reports (thus no tracklog) and the same origin/destination, the map size collapses to zero, confusing the map server. The mapping team is aware of the bug, but doesn’t have a fix available yet.