Tracking Europe




PLEASE DON’T SHOUT! In other words, don’t use all caps.

I don’t know of one for Europe. Have you tried using Google or another search engine to locate one?

(No, the one mentioned someplace in this forum that’s based on Frankfurt doesn’t count as a true flight tracker.)


Maybe **lordg **thinks we all speak german / spanish and is just yelling out of courtesy. You know, you go on holiday and meet someone who doesn’t speak english, so you speak louder and slower so they can understand. :wink:

Except for the Frankfort site, I haven’t come with anything similar to Flightaware in Europe. Would be nice to have though.


Reminds me of a play (and it may also be a movie) that I saw a long time ago: The Foreigner. A person from Europe arrives at a hotel in the deep south and, naturally, speaks not the English language. Everyone yells around him because, like mentioned above, if you speak loud you will understand.


Reminds me of the waitress in the diner we ate at this past weekend in a small NE town while visiting J and his wife in New Hamster.

The group at the table behind us were Quebecois and the 20-something waitress obviously didn’t parlez any Francais. So she overcame this failure by speaking VERY LOUD!


sorry i take my cap (lock) off to u!! :blush:


I just returned from a weekend in Montreal, my voice is quite hoarse now. :wink:

What made it even worse is that is was in the Chinese Quarter of Montreal. Really had to YELL at everyone to make them understand.


And what, pray tell, language do they speak in the Chinese Quarter of Montreal? A Chinese-French-English blend? Frenglishese? Good Lord, that must be one of the hardest places to communicate in the world!! :smiley:


Same language they speak in every NA Chinatown, Cantonese!


chez ( shay ) chez ( shay ) JHEM


Mei wen ti.