Tracking displaced several miles

I’m sorry if I missed where this has been answered, but on a recent flight my track shows me over land when in reality I was looking down on Lake Erie thinking it’s a long swim. The course seems to parallell my actual course, but is probably 20 miles off. Why is my flight shown this way?

Thank you.

Do you have a link to the flight in question? … /KOEB/KBJJ

I think what happened was your flight had lost radar coverage, probably due to being handled by Canadian radar. The flight was picked up again close to the destination, resulting in that long, perfectly straight line connecting the point of radar contact lost to the last point of radar contact before landing.

Yea, take a look at the tracklog (

13:45  	41.93  	-84.98  	88  	3100
13:51 	41.97 	-84.77 	124 	4900 climbing
13:54 	41.97 	-84.62 	93 	4900
13:59 	41.97 	-84.45 	123 	4900
15:21 	41.02 	-81.97 	109 	3100 descending