tracking delay?


Have tracked flights on flightaware that cross overhead ~20mi out on right base for the field… however when looking outdoors, no aircraft. Return to PC and find that flight has arrived ~10min earlier. What is the delay for the Activity window? if any?



First line in th FAQ’s.


Thank you… I just signed up the other day and enjoy tracking. There are a lot of Intercontinental `contrail crossing overhead here. More international questions later.

btw… just found the 6-min delay by doing a SEARCH of the forum.

To expand on the question… how would one translate that into MILES on the tracker map (or radar)? For a jet… what would be a distance in NM corresponding to the delay? For a turboprop?

For instance… we like to watch FedEx A310 and A300 flights cross overhead since we’re ~20 out (on a right base) for Rwy24. Traffic from the west typically passes directly overhead.




Miles(distance) = Rate * Time.

If you want to know the distance based on the time, you’ll have to know how fast the plane is flying(which will be differnet for every flight and different at every phase of the flight). Your best guess would be to check the flights track log and see what the current ground speed is. Although once you figure out the math, the plane will probably be long gone.


Thanks Mag… will have to dust off the engineering math books for that one. LOL

Yesterday I ask the guy (a GA pilot) who posted the link to about the TRACKER map numbers… he said they were (bottom row) ALT w/ climb or descent… and ground speed in knots.

btw… you guys do screen caps or `saves of the maps? I animated one with an Intl flight crossing at FL400. Used a yellow oval around the flight to highlight. Will post later.



Better dig deep. That would be high school physics… :slight_smile:

Emoticon quota filled for the week…