Tracking Cathay Pacific Flights - CPA


I’ve searched the blogs for mention of CPA. Why doesn’t Flight Aware show the flight status of CPA flights out of Hong Kong … eg CPA 253 departed HK at 14:40 today but absolutely no way of calling it up in a search … or any other CPA flight for that matter … can get others like Virgin etc … are they blocked?


like this one? … /VHHH/KLAX


I understand why I can’t see the flight track of say CPA 253 or CPA 251 out of Hong Kong because Hong Kong is in a secondary area. But they didn’t even feature in the departures list. Hong Kong is the base for CPA and flight aware shows hardly any CPA flights into or out of Hong Kong. Only ones that head towards the US. Flight aware is otherwise useless


How does FlightAware handle international flights? What is FlightAware’s service area?

*FlightAware’s primary service area includes the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam), Canada, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom. Flights in the primary service area support real time maps, departure and arrival information, delays, and more.

FlightAware’s secondary service covers scheduled major airline operations at any airport in the world. Flights in the secondary service area support departure and arrival information.

For flights arriving in a service area from outside of a service area, FlightAware will be able to track the flight when it nears a service area. For flights departing a service area, FlightAware will be able to track the flight until it leaves the coverage area. Flights may not be tracked beyond that point unless they enter another service area.*


What he is trying to say is that FA uses flight plan data not an airlines published schedule for its information.
Flight plan and position reports out of the secondary area are spotty at best and unreliable the rest of the time.


Thanks … that’s what I guessed … which make Flightaware fairly useless when working out of Australia or places around it. Its a pith because it is a great site for the US and UK.


Just petition your local government to come up with a system similar to the FAA system of making the flight plan and flight information public. I’m sure FlightAware would love to add some more geography to their service.


I wish it would be that easy but we have some fairly insular attitudes here. Wouldn’t be surprised if its as simple as making sure that people use expensive airport parking while waiting to pick up passengers instead of arriving for a gutter pick-up because they know when the flight gets in.