Tracking Aerologic Flights?



I live in England, and use flightaware to see when a plane is flying over my house. I often see a lot of cargo traffic from the US going to various European destinations (cargolux, ups, fed-ex, etc.).

However, I have noticed that one cargo airline, Aerologic, does not appear on flightaware! :frowning:

I have just seen BOX411 (routing LAX-FRA) flying over my house at FL350, but I type in the flight number and flightaware is unable to find it.

What is the reason for this?



Could be BOX411 in their internal schedule but using a Lufthansa Cargo flight plan…???


I don’t think so because Lufthansa Cargo use MD-11s, as it says on flightaware. Otherwise there would be a flight in the En Route section of EDDF of “GEC1234” operated by a 77F.