Tracking a Passenger

I suspect I will get Roasted, or given some information I have yet to uncover but here it goes.

Is there a way, or I wish there was a way to simply track a passenger traveling? I think if you know say the Social Security number, and can give origin and final destination that you should be able to see where that individual is at that moment.

I KNOW that many will cry safety issues and etc. but Airlines already track when a person checks in, etc. etc., I just wish there was a way to track like we can track flights. That’s why I think personal information and maybe destination should be offered to prevent random tracking by strangers. But I can also see the risks, just thinking and wondering out loud.

If anyone knows of a way clue me in please, I want to be one of the cool kids. If you just want to throw me on the proverbial fire of a web tirade and hurl insults at me, please refrain. After all, this isn’t the Comment section of YouTube or Instagram, I would hope we would be more civilized and friendly here. :slight_smile:

there is a app for doing that, but unfortunately the NSA dont provided a download link to us…

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The airline may have a function to allow you to track them given a PNR or Record Locator but that data is unlikely to be passes on the FlightAware.

Airlines do not know or have your Social Security Number.