Track with destination and origin the same?


Take a look at this:

also look at the scheduled arrivals and departures:

And at the history for these flights. They seem to clearly imply that a number of hours was spent somewhere.

Why is this happening? Does the FAA filing a flight plan with the same origin and destination?


The FAA doesn’t file flight plans - aircraft operators do.

Many people will file a flight plan for an flight that departs and arrives at the same airport. This is done for training flights, sightseeing flights, etc.


Thanks for the info. But both these planes are registered in Wilmington DE and both seem to be investment advisory firms, not sight-seeing.
I realize the FAA doesn’t file flight plans (but perhaps they should?); however, I thought a IFR flight plan with the same destination & origin would sort of set some sort of flag as a possible glich.


Being an investment company may just be the name of the company the aircraft is registered under. Take, for instance, N86RL. It is registered in Wilmington, DE to a Saunders Aviation. I happen to know for a fact that this plane is privately owned, and that owner actually has a construction company in the Tampa area. From what I have been told, Wilmington, DE is a VERY popular place to register aircraft for tax reasons.

As far as filing IFR for the same origin/destination, it happens all the time at RVS for IFR training flights.


Not just planes but boats too. Also a lot of credit card companies will have addresses in DE for tax purposes as well. DE has been very kind to corporations when it comes to taxes.


I seem to remember quite a few a/c discussed in these forums that have been registered in DE. I know Travolta’s 707 is regisetered out of there, and I know there were more. I’ll have to investigate…when I get around to it. :unamused: