track log & graph do not appear


I’m tracking United 6956 at 1723 MDT on March 19, 2011. I’m using Firefox 3.6.11 running on Windows Vista Pro 64bit.

In the live flight tracking page ( … S/tracklog in a new tab. There is no graph and no flight log.

I get the same behavior in Internet Explorer 8 when I left click on the (track log & graph) link and open it in the same tab.

Is the track log & graph feature broken or is something else happening?


Don Holliday



When I clicked on your link, I was given 2 links - the Live link and your historical one. I got nothing for the historical one, so I clicked on the Live link and brought up the list of past flights. I then clicked on the March 19th flight and was taken to the URL I provided above. There you can see the tracklog.


It was resolved for all cases this afternoon: … 998#125998