Track inbound plane

Hopefully I can make this question make sense. I really like how you can track the inbound plane for a particular flight, and even can go multiple flights back to track where a plane for an evening flight is much earlier in the day.

So my question is, is it possible to find the NEXT flight for a particular plane? For example, on this flight: … /KEWR/KPBI

I can see where that plane came from, but is it possible to track where it is going next after it arrives in PBI? Hope this makes sense, thanks in advance.

yes of course, you only need to know the registration aircraft number after that you can set a alert based on that reg number.

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I believe you need an Enterprise account, though, to do any tracking by tail number.

Tail Numbers for Airline/Callsign flights are a feature of our Enterprise account, or you can get enterprise features for no monthly cost by building a piaware and sharing data. Minimum specs would cost <$100 to build from scratch.