Track all flights in geographic area?


Is there a way to track flights in a geographic area, for example all flights within a 25 mile radius (or vicinity) of KLAX?


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On the ‘Live Flight Tracker’ screen, type in your local airport code in the ’ airport code’ box in the lower left part of the screen. Type in your airport code, KLAX for example. On the new screen, which is flights coming from, going to and traversing the KLAX area, click on the airport map in the upper right portion of the screen. A new window will open with a narrowed view of the KLAX area. This map, however, cannot be zoomed or panned though that is in the works. So you are stuck with the scale your given, which gives you about a 70 mile radius from the airport. Radius varies from airport to airport. I think one of the last mod’s at FA was to limit the number of planes on any given screen. CYDF gives me well over 100 mile radius at present because there is not much action here right now.

FAQ’s can be a big help as well.



Does clicking on the map help?



A link? Good job Allen! :blush:

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Those are great suggestions; just what I was looking for.

Thanks all!