TQPF airport with no data


We’re using the flighaware API to retrieve data from/to airport TQPF (http://www.flightaware.com/live/airport/TQPF).
This airport is in FlightAware’s secondary service area. what’s the impact of this classification on the FlighXML data service.


That means there is incomplete radar position and flight plan coverage in that area. It’s likely that you will probably only be able to track aircraft that happen to be on an IFR flight plan to or from the U.S. airspace.

FlightAware does have a couple of ADS-B ground receivers in that area, so that may make up for some of the lack of radar positions for aircraft that are ADS-B Out equipped. Flights that are operating VFR may be visible if they are ADS-B Out equipped and you have enabled the option to see “Position only aircraft” in your profile settings.