Tour of California

The Amgen Tour of California cycle race has begun and is making its way through the Golden State. Looks like these a/c have been doing aerial footage over the route: … /KSTS/KMOD … /KSTS/KMOD

The plane is from Wisconsin, probably brought is some cheese. And then all that Sonoma County wine.

Obviously, someone is taking the wine-tasting tour a little too far!

the other question…why are they IFR? I mean, if the weather dictates being on an IFR flight plan…what are they looking at out of the window?


It can be severe clear and you can be on an IFR flight plan. Very common occurrence.

IFR just keeps you away from other IFR traffic with the eyes of ATC looking over you.


I know Allen, I’m just in one of those moods today.

Ah, ok, carry on! :smiley:

Weather’s been crappy around here for the past couple of days. Major (well, for this part of California, major) storm came in yesterday.