TomKat Owns A Stealth Aircraft


It’s funny that N808T, a Gulfstream IV owned by actor Tom Cruise, has been deliberately taken off flight tracking. By comparison John Travolta’s two aircraft, N492JT ( a Gulfstream II) and N707JT (a Boeing 707-138B) are on this website. Why is TomKat so secretive about his aircraft movements?

In Tom’s defense there are other owners such as Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder who choose to fly anonymously. The Global Express with the Washington Redskins helmet (N904DS) is deleted from flightaware as well.


Travolta is actually a big aviation enthusiast. He loves showing off his toys. If I was him, I’d probably send out a press release every time I strapped on my 707 for a flight!

Cruise is just an idiot who believes the science fiction cult call Scientology. Don’t know Travolta’s religion and even though I don’t care for him at least he is preserving a 707 in flight worthy condition.


Travolta is in that Scientology crew…


Should have figured that. He’s always got that weird look on his face…


You should have known that from the fact that he funded, directed and starred in that infamous turkey “Battlefield Earth” which was written by L. Ron Hubbard, the head Fruit Loop!

Scientology is meritocracy in an Armani suit.


Funny? Funny how? Does it amuse you? What is he, a clown? What do you mean funny, funny how? How is he funny? :wink:


I am still trying to figure out how a group of people can create a “religion” based on a book that was sold in the non-fiction section of bookstores???


Do you mean the *science *fiction section?

Can you say $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?


It has long been a tale among science fiction fans that Scientology grew out of a bet made between L. Ron on one side and Dr. Asimov and Harlan Ellison on the other that Hubbard could start his own religion.

Asimov would never confirm nor deny the tale, but Ellison has been quoted several times as stating the tale is factual.




JHEM, that was about as accurate and concise a summation of the beginnings of Scientology as I’ve read. Meanwhile, Ravolta-Travolta’s G-II is burning up the Jet-A below 10,000 ft. shuttling to and from PIE and Jumbolair. Apparently the need to clutch a couple of tin cans (auditing) in Clearwater exceeds the priority of the Tom Cruise/ Katie Holmes Scientology wedding in Bracciano, Italy. :unamused:


While they (Travolta and Cruise) have the “Church” in common, that might be their only connection. I wouldn’t be surprised if Travolta was not among the wedding guests.

It’s ironic that a “religion” that so vocifierously denies the efficacy of psychiatry has so many adherents that are obviously and desperately in need of it.

An interesting (and surprising given Wenner’s close friendship with both Cruise and Travolta) read from Rolling Stone magazine earlier this year.