Tom Oreck (Oreck Vacuums)


I was watching the travel channel recently and there was a programme about million dollar planes. They showed Mr. Oreck’s Pilatus based out of Mountain Air, NC (2NCO). Does anyone know the tail number. I though I saw N49JG but that belongs to another aircraft.


I saw N146PC on a plane in that show, but it may have just been another Pilatus…


FYI- His name is Dave not Tom. He owns a whole collection of planes and was a B-29 pilot in WWII.


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I saw the program and he is reffering to Dave’s son Tom.


Not really that ironic. Google ads are suppose to be context sensitive.


Regardless of how it occurred, I considered it ironic.

For instance, there was no such ad visible to me either while I was reading your reply nor while I was typing this response.


context sensitive, HA!
I have been getting an AD for a BIRTH CONTROL device for the past 3 or 4 days.I am 76 years old. LOL


I use gmail (Google-powered with their ads), and whenever the Flying newsletter comes in, I tend to get ads for jet charters & flight schools… I will only call BS on context sensitive when I see ads for viagra or something… :unamused:


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Tony Randall became a father twice after the age of 76 so…you never know :wink:


Was it Tony or was it Rubbermaid?


I wasn’t there but, I think that was right around the time Vitamin V was released.

Oh and Oreck vacuums really suck, just to stay on topic.


What more could you ask of a vacuum?


Very little.

And for the OP, yes, it’s Tom Oreck, son of Dave who has a PC12, but I’m afraid I don’t know the N number, sorry.

David Oreck at 82 continues to be active in aviation, maintaining and flying his personal collection of aircraft which includes a Stinson Reliant SR 10J, a WACO WMF, an Aviat Husky Amphibian, an American Champion Decathlon, a Staggerwing Beech G-17S, and a Beech T-34A Mentor.


Since we have gone so far off topic, I will add this.
I know Tony Randell’s widow, last saw her when she was around 17. The daughter of a best friend. She is a beautiful redhead.
No vitamin V necessary!


Tom’s tail number was N524CM,but he has since sold his plane to a person in CA and is currently trying to sale his home in Mountain Air because he has bought Minnie Pearls home in TN 4.6 mil I would have stuck with the Pilatus less headaches.


I see that his Citation Cj3 is up for sale N535CM


Seems to be selling off all his goodies…maybe his business is sucking wind.


no info can be found anywhere. thanks though