Tom Cruises private plane



Im very sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, but I need some help.

Firstly, and just to reassure you Im not a stalker, I am part of a group called ‘Anonymous’, and we have been picketing Scientology since february - maybe you’ve seen us or heard of us? I wont go into the ins and outs of why, thats not what this forum is for (But if your interested then take a look at )

I am based in the UK, and I have good intelligence that Tom Cruises private plane will be coming here to Gatwick in October. I have no interest in the man himself - but if he’s there then all the more fun for us. No, we are after the leader of the cult (David Miscavige) along with some illegal cargo (That makes it sound like we plan to kidnap him - we just want to know when he is going to arrive so we can be there to meet him with loud music and banners).

Anyway, we would be using this website to find out when that might be - but to do that we need the tail number of the aircraft. Does anybody happen to know what that might be?

You can email me at or reply here, I’ll try and check back as much as possible.

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I really admire your honesty about your intent although I have my doubts about your purpose: sadly this just sums up all the negative aspects of using a flight tracker and shows why so many are getting on the blocked band-wagon!!

That number can be found with a bit of research and I daresay its on here (FA) somewhere but I hope you dont and just write a peaceful letter of protest instead, dont go and ruin the spotters fun at LGW with yer nonsense. :angry: :angry:

IN (nearer than you know - UK)


The replies to this ought to be good…


I’ll just hope it was a wind-up and come down from my high horse…dont think it was though…Pahh!!



Extra butter for me please


Nope, no wind up. We arent going to do anything at the airport. But if we know when he lands then we know the convoy he takes to Saint Hill manor will be about 40 minutes. We can then be at the gate to meet him, and i assure you its entirely peaceful - thats how anonymous rolls. We are completely peaceful/legal.

Sunday times article if you want evidence of this: … 173635.ece


Anonymous… You’re a bigger idiot than Tom Cruise!


It looks like they are planning to picket Katie Holmes opening on Broadway as well.



creepy… :open_mouth:


There’s two problems with your plan.
First, Anonymous is known for some pretty weird stuff and you may not find the cooperation you need. And even if you did…

This site only feeds from FAA data. Once the plane leaves the US tracking system, it cannot be followed from here.


There goes a Golden opportunity to have some good clean fun! :smiling_imp:


Thats not a problem, if we know when it takes it off its better than nothing


I checked and it took off about two hours ago. You better hurry!


I find it funny that by naming yourself " Anonymous " you have created an oxymoron. Your name no longer gives you anonymity because it identifies who you are and the baggage that you carry. :smiley:

Ok. back to reality.


Perhaps but what is he supposed to say, his/her name? I think not!


…maybe " The People Who Protest Silly Religions but Who do not Want to be Identified but Want to be Noticed" or THE PWPSRWWIWN for short! :wink:

See tankexmortis


…actually had a silly Terry Jones voice in my head when I wrote that. Good catch!


Great minds think alike. :wink: