TNCM Feed Gone Bad


It seems the feed for TNCM/SXM has gone bad and all planes enroute/departing SXM are showing “MRPJ” instead of the usual TNCM, leaving a TNCM airport completely empty with arrivals and departures:


There was a big update to a database the FAA uses to manipulate airport codes on July 31 which may have caused this. Can you provide any flights to TNCM that should be in the air right now?


Yes this could be it, at this hour there are not many flights to SXM but if you check ones earlier today, you will see what I mean:

The change seems to be at midnight on the 1st August as all flights after 0000z are marked with MRPJ as their arrival.



Thanks; I’ve been able to confirm the FAA is the source of this issue and I’ll begin an inquiry with them immediately.


Excellent, glad I could be of assistance 8).