Tips on videoing airplanes from inside and outside????

Can anybody add to the following list below the dashed lines I just recently compiled for formation and aerobatic flight in a newsgroup?

While this is focused on my recent T6 flight, I would be interested on hearing tips on routine flights as well.

Probably would be helpful to add photographing and videoing planes from the outside. One I can think of for videoing planes from the outside is to always use a tripod.

Any other tips???

Don’t let the excitement overcome your videoing!

KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT. I lost audio on my recorder because I failed to consider using the “hold button” I realized I was losing audio as I had my recorder in my camera bag and something kept hitting the stop button. Had I used that hold button, this would have disabled the buttons and this would not have happened.

Study up on formation flying before hand. The more prepared you are before, the better of you will be. I was very fortunate to have four chances to learn the moves and transistions. It would have been nice if I would have at least watched a video or two before hand. Of course your position is everything and what looks simple on the ground is incredibly complex in the air. Try to be situationally aware if you are doing lazy eights. Allows you to anticipate.

Take a wide angle lens if you have one as you can’t capture all planes in the formation when tight. There were times I could not get the whole plane in when I was zoomed OUT we were that close.

Take extra batteries or an extra camera is even better (I used the second camera in the flight formation video since my newer camera battery was nearing it’s life) Stay focused on the plane (or planes) for at least 10 econds before panning to your next shot. This becomes important for diting later. I have two “point and shoot” digital cameras (Casio and Kodak Easy Share). As we all know, confines of an airplane are tight, it’s even tighter in a tailwheel and camcorder may be bulky since the canapy narrows big time in the back.

I had a small camera bag with easy access to everything. Think small, there is no room in the rear and you CANNOT have anything on the floor since controls are running through there and the rear rudder pedals move constantly. Everything must work from your lap. THINK SAFETY as you are strapped in for the ride and your mobility is not the same as a 4 passenger plane. Do not keep any loose items on your lap as the breaks are extremely sharp responses that I have never felt in a plane before.

Shoot with the canopy open if the pilot allows it. I had no clue what to expect so I closed the canapy as I was thinking “wind noises” would be rediculous. Take the wind noise and you can edit it later. I can’t do the reverse now. Reason you want the canopy open is to eliminate reflections that you see in my video.

Pilot I was with was great, during the acro video, he did duplicate so I could get the wing and front view. Think backwards! I like the view with the camera panned on me. Unique touch to it. If time permits, I would suggest doing each routine three times, once out the front, side and back. This way if you mess up one, you still have two to go with for the final video cut.

Aerobatic vid? Where’s the video?? It’s funny - when I first read this post, I misread “T6” as an “A6” - I was “wtf? - aerobatics in a fighter jet?? - open canopy???” I had to reread your post - I thought someone was giving rides in a retired fighter in Mississippi or something. Arrghh - I guess I better tell the girlfriend to unpack the car… :cry:

Too funny Wisertime07 Yep, don’t pack them bags yet :smiley:

Start here … 9223#89223 for where I posted links to the videos.

Wait till he finds somene with an L-39. I would suggest velcro-ing the cam to your helmet. We’ll be waiting :exclamation:

Allen, or anyone else who videos their flights, I had a friend in the right seat video our flight. We did some t/o and landings. I am very strict when it comes to the centerline, but each video make it look like the right seat is over the centerline. Have you guys had any illusions like this? The camera is almost up on the glareshield so I don’t know if it’s about angles or what the deal is.

Total WAG on my part, but if the camera doesn’t sit right behind the prop, won’t the camera pick up the “right seat, left seat” parallex view where the centerline may look askew based on slant angle? I know from my experiences, that things look WAY different when I sit in the right seat. Hard to believe a measily few inches makes so much difference.

I’m like you pfp217, I want my nose wheel (right leg) on that centerline. My camera sits on the glareshield right behind the prop which eliminates the right seat, left seat views.

Good info, and good tip Allen. It makes sense, but you’re right, we’re talking a few inches but the view changes completely. Hopefully it’s optical illusion error and not the pilot :smiley: . Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to try that next time.

A side note to that, on the SAAB 340, and I beleive the MD80 (although I don’t remember for sure now) had these little orbs on small tubes that were mounted on the paine between the CAPT and FO windscreen. These were used for seat adjustments, to ensure your line of sight was correct, There was one that was straight out,and the other angled out towards the captain and the other towards the FO at about 45 degrees. If you had your seat right they lined up and you’d see one ball. I beleive it was for proper instrument vision (old steam gauges that don’t give digital numbers) I wonder if it was for proper angle of vision out of the windscreen instead or as well. I’m not completely confident my info is correct, any SAAB drivers have any insight?


You guys that video should look into exterior cameras (small perm mount), maybe a belly cam, or roof cam, perhaps one looking out over the wing. I’m sure that wouldn’t be too difficult or expensive to set up. May give you some very unique perspectives.

It would be cool for sure. I rent so outta the question for me. I think Bob Hoover had a tail mount on the Commander. it was a fish eye lens so that it included the entire wing…it made a neat image when he’d go into a loop or do a large wingover, especially w/ the props stopped.

Maybe some careful aiming of a pen camera or something similar and well placed duct tape for renters?