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Timestamp in view1090


I’m currently playing with my Mode S Receiver and the data from RAW or BEAST.
I’ve already read a lot about the different messages types but I can’t figure out what’s behind the timestamp (e.g. *5d3c6445239945;
CRC: 000026
RSSI: -8.6 dBFS
Time: 91177366317.67us
DF:11 AA:3C6445 IID:38 CA:5
All Call Reply
ICAO Address: 3C6445 (Mode S / ADS-B)
Air/Ground: airborne)

May someone explain what’s behind the timestamp and how to convert it to a “human readable” one?
Thank you

It’s just the receiver internal clock, no reference to real time, free running clock.
That timestamp is used for MLAT purposes, don’t think it’s good for much else.

For other stuff the system time timestamp is used, but that’s not printed.

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