Time Square suspect's plane recalled to gate: liveatc . . .

YouTube liveatc recording of Emirates flight recalled to gate.

Emirates 202 carrying Times Square Bomber (alleged) is recalled to the gate at JFK.

ATC; “I have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately sso make the left turn when able”.

from; liveatc.net/forums/index.php … ttach=3730

So how does a guy on the no-fly list get on a plane that is taxing out for departure to Dubai? :open_mouth:

“Rwy 22R position and oh actualllllllyyyyyyy I have a message for you to return to the ramp…” I cannot believe that! :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Legitimate question here, because I really don’t know…

Was Shahzad actually listed on the No Fly list? I mean, we would obviously have issues if a US Citizen is listed on that list…

However, after the Cat Stevens gaffe, I wouldn’t put it past the TSA…


Depending on this guys past, he may not have been on the no-fly list. He probably would not have been added to the list in the three days since the attempted attack, even if they had ID’d him immediately.

I do believe there are several US citizens on the list. There are as many domestic terrorists as there are international, and the TSA list doesn’t discriminate based on citizenship.

Ok, just did a little more reading. He was placed on the no-fly list just a few hours before the aircraft was to depart. That being the case, he probably already had checked in and had received his boarding pass, which means when they checked the list, he was not on it yet. I say it is still some pretty good work, to ID a suspect and locate him as quickly as they did. It was also a mistake on his part to wait to leave, a smarter bad guy would have gotten out of town in 48 hours. Just goes to show, these terrorists are not as smart as you think they are.

He bought the ticket two hours after being posted to the list.

The airline has stated that they hadn’t updated list. At the current time they were only required to update the list once ever 24 hours.

With all the computer technology available, why not have a list that updates automatically when changes are made? rather than have someone hit update.