Thunderbird Fliped at Dayton


DAYTON, OHIO - A Thunderbird F-16 was involved in an incident Friday while practicing for an Ohio air show, according to multiple reports.

Penelope Reed of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Dayton says a report was received at 12:31 p.m. Friday of a jet off the end of a runway and on its top. She says Wright-Patterson Air Force Base dispatched a crash team and heavy rescue crew.

No injuries were immediately reported as emergency responders were working to extricate the two occupants inside the aircraft. Reed says there was no immediate report of any injuries or fuel leaks.

Staff Sgt. Tabatha McCarthy with the Air Force Thunderbirds public relations office says There was a “mishap” while a plane was on the ground. She had no other information.

A photographer for WHIOTV said the two-seat Thunderbird landed and was taxing toward the staging area when it appeared a gust of wind flipped the jet.

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds are the headlining act for the annual Dayton Air Show, which is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.


I think they need a new excuse.
KDAY didn’t have winds above 15kts yesterday.