This site is cooler than the other side of the pillow!!!


No I am not a guy that makes drugs. I am, however a licensed drug dealer (Pharmacist). My wife is a pastry chef. Thus the user name “drugchef”. Now to the point, I am not a pilot, but if I knew then what I know I would be. This site is just plain fun. Plus I can use it to teach my 15 y/o son about aviation & maybe light the spark in him to look into aviation as a career.


This site could use a pharmacist… There are quite a few of us around here who need medication!!

Oh yeah, welcome to the forum. :wink:


Right now we appear to have a pressing call for either Ritalin or Welbutrin. Preferably the XL! :wink:

Welcome to the Forum.

Drag your 15YO to every airshow and fly-in you come across. Take a walk around your local FBO (with permission of course!).

Visit interesting little out of the way strips you might see on a drive. Grass strips in particular.

As an ex-pilot I started my son a bit earlier in pursuit of awakening the love of flying in him, around 10 or so, but after a few failed starts it apparently took hold and you’ll find him posting on here under the NIM cfijames. That is when he’s not busy in his “office”:


I’m getting a little low on my OxyContin, and the Demerol isn’t helping. I’ve been
shopping for a new pharmacist! What luck!!! :laughing:


Thanks for all the welcome messages. Now for all the Rx requests. Please have your boarding pass out along with a photo ID. we will begin pre-dispensing for all the mentally impaired momentarily. Then those with "A"
passes will be allowed on board. We know you have many choices when you trip, so thank you for choosing Druggedwest Air. When the captain has turned off the seatbelt light, we will be dispensing little foil packs of Xanax (for our passengers who fear flying) or packs of Dexedrine for those that can’t get enough of being airborne & don’t want to miss a minute of flight. Now turn off those damn CELL PHONES and listen as I explain how to use the lifepreserver. This is crucial knowledge as we fly from KSTL to KLAS.


Alright! Another crazed person with a great sense of humor* has joined the forum!

Welcome aboard, Drugchef. You are now free to roam about the forum.

*Translation for Brits: “humour”


Actually I was looking into becoming a pharmacist if the aviation career doesn’t work out.


The fringe benefits can be “Out of this world!” :smiling_imp:


“We don’t get French benefits?”


“We don’t get French benefits?”

“James Dean is a singer, Jimmy Dean makes sausage.” :smiley:

JB :slight_smile: