This defines uncomfortable...


I can’t stand 45 min. in one, can’t imagine this.


This is the link you want. It’s flight-specific. The other one was the most recent or airborne flight. … /KBGR/KBGR

Edit: I take that back…you might be perfectly correct. I assumed you meant this earlier flight, with the lots and lots of holding patterns. I didn’t know what “one” was, I thought it was a hold. (can you blame me? it’s not like there was a lot of useful information in the post)


Some of us simply live to be in one! Can’t imagine NOT being in one! Our families are resentful of us because we spend more time in one than we do with them!

…now, if I only knew what “one” is!


Timinec thinks like a passenger, he probably wouldn’t know a hold from a fold. Saab are a pretty noisy machine from my flight experience as a passenger in one.

You on the other hand think like a pilot where we don’t care what we fly as long as we do fly and don’t get put into a hold :smiley:



Does anyone have any idea why CYVR shows up on the map on this flight?


We all want to fly. Then we want to fly faster. Then we want to fly even faster so we can get there quicker. And have a couple days off. In the Caribbean. At the bar.


Final destination. Delivery flight to Pacific Coastal Airlines.