The Year in Aviation 2008: ANN Wants To Hear F


Last Chance!! The Year in Aviation 2008: ANN Wants To Hear From You!

The big questions:

  1. Please tell us, of all the people involved in aviation in 2008,
    who you believe had the most impact on the community (Good AND
    Bad… our infamous ‘Heroes and Heartbreakers’ List)?
  2. Then tell us who you think will make the biggest aviation news
    next year.
  3. What was this year’s biggest story?
  4. What do you think will be next year’s biggest?
  5. What (overall) were the highs and lows? Go ahead and chat this
    one up… we’re really interested in your take on what did or did
    not work well for the aviation and aerospace world in 2008.
  6. What are your greatest hopes for 2009?
  7. What was our best Aero-TV program of 2008?
  8. What was our best Aero-Cast (audio) program/interview of
  9. What did ANN and/or Aero-TV cover well/properly in 2008? What
    did we not?
  10. What airplane deserves the accolade “Best Of The Breed” in each
    of the following categories:
  11. Plane Of the Year: Overall
  12. LSA
  13. SportPlane (not qualified as LSA)
  14. 2-4 Place S/E Certified GA (Piston)
  15. 4+ Place S/E Certified GA (Piston)
  16. Multi-Engine Certified GA (Piston)
  17. S/E Turbine GA
  18. Multi-Engine Turbine GA

So, if you’re one of the few in the aviation world with opinions
(he he) take a few moments and write them down, then click on the
link below and send them to us. ANN will post your (selected)
responses in our Year-End-Edition.

send your comments to: