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I went out for fresh beer and cigarettes to settle in for the night and when I got back to check my email I received this message from FA.

discussions.flightaware.com/view … 7302#97302.

and worse than that, there is no return policy on the beer and cigarettes.

What happened?

I think the entire thread just got waxed becuase of some idiot that had a problem with FA and us. Imagine that! :laughing:

Oh well, i guess i’ll watch the sports channel.
But i’ll keep an eye on this in case it resurfaces. Plenty of those out there.

It was probably a thread that was deleted before you read it.

you need to stop smoking and drinking- eat a carrot and go for a run

Thanks mduell, you saved my a**.

I did, and i found myself at the beer store buying a pack of cigarettes.
Go figure.

If you’re feeling left out I’d be more than happy to dump a bunch of virtual crap on you and belittle your parentage and offspring! That’s all you missed.

(I was going to accuse lawisfiction of being a classmate of Will’s, but Will is far more mature!)


When in Goose Bay…

Lawinfiction is not lawinfact.
Anyways what are you gettin on with?

No thanks, i get enoghh of that at work.
Thanks for the thought though.

Anything for our cousins in the 51st state! :laughing:

Anytime. We may sort it out in our day, but eventually we will.

Says who?

Maybe he likes to drink and smoke.

Moderators: Please lock up and throw away this topic! The flyboy said something very dirty! :slight_smile:

Talk like that will get you banned from aviation!!!