The Right to Bear Arms


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In case you don’t git it, “bare” arms. Now, go git-r-done! :unamused:



In case you don’t git it, “bare” arms. Now, go git-r-done!

Where is the “groan” icon when you really need it?[/quote]


No groan but I added rolling eyes!




I no git it…I’s got no image, ownly sum red ex in a wite box… :question:


Larry did a 60 minute interview. They said he makes $200,000-$300,000 PER show. And he does as many as 30 shows/year.

And he does merchandise too.

Seemed like a really nice guy; as they put it, not depressed, angry, our out to get even like other comedians.


Is there an echo in here?


Naw, you just seeing double :smiley:


Perhaps it is not about seeing double but seeing at all…


The Five Focus Abilities

Dynamic Visual Acuity (DVA): The eye’s ability to accurately follow a moving object. This may be an essential skill in fast-paced sports like car racing.

Momentary Vision: An ability to quickly identify an object as it enters your range of vision. In sports, this skill may be important for quickly spotting movement.

Eye Movement: The eye’s ability to rapidly shift focus between targets. This may be an important ability used in daily life, as when reading.

Peripheral Vision: Peripheral Vision allows you to spot objects in the area outside your central vision. This skill can be helpful in tracking movements.

Hand-Eye Coordination (HEC): HEC helps you judge a situation and respond rapidly. These reactions are essential in daily life, not to mention sports.