The REAL story about last week's Ottawa diversion


You may have seen last week’s “bomb scare” diversion to Ottawa…

A suspicious package found in an aircraft washroom on a flight from Chicago on Tuesday afternoon brought out Ottawa police canine and bomb-disposal units.
A member of the crew found the package about 4 p.m.
The plane landed safely and was isolated away from the terminal.

Now we’ve learned the rest of the story (long).


Anyone take a guess what song was playing on the iPod?
Pink Floyd - Goodbye Blue Sky?


Nah… In an uninspired moment he had named his iPod Nemo and was trying to set it free!


That’s a crazy story, thanks for the link.


That’s a great story.
IMHO, the officials do go overboard at times !


Sounds like an urban legend to me. Whenever I read something that starts with “And believe it or not, it’s a 100% true story,” my cackles get up.

An iPod dropping into a toilet would make a noise when it hits the metal. If he placed the toilet seat cover into the toilet he would have seen the iPod there because of the way the toilet is made (there’s a cover that is opened when it is flushed).

I haven’t found it on yet but I’m pretty sure it will be there soon.