The ol one engine takeoff!

Pilots for two U.S. commuter airlines in the past few months failed to start up the second engine on their jets before getting ready to take off, according to safety experts. The unusual incidents are prompting concern among federal aviation regulators and industry officials. … %3Darticle

Frank Holbert

That’s weird!
How do you not start up #2… And I guess this could raise the question of the pilots not doing the checklists before takeoff? Failure to complete the checklist has caused some fatal accidents… :question:

Could the checklist say taxi on one engine then they forget to turn on the second engine prior to entering the runway? Of course if this is the case then they are still not following the checklist.

The pilots may elect to taxi on one engine to save fuel or, if a delay occurs, may shut down one engine once at the runway or the holding area prior to the runway. Usually, the tower or ground controller gives the pilots an expected departure time, but occasionally they might “surprise” the pilots with an earlier than expected takeoff clearance. Scary as it is, it not to hard to imagine a crew getting distracted with paperwork or conversation, thinking there going to be sitting for 45 minutes, only to be surprised by a takeoff clearance a few minutes later.

As a rule, I make a point of making sure the engines are running EVERY time I attempt a takeoff!

important things you might want to include in your runway line-up scan. Oil pressure, Amps, ITT. all of which would tell you that you’re an idoit and forgot to fire one up.
A lot of pilots forget to aviate.

How boring.

I take off on one engine all the time. It’s no big deal. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is disturbing:

After receiving a cockpit warning about the second engine’s failure to rev up, the crew taxied back to the gate. But the pilots still thought they had a malfunctioning engine, according to these officials, until mechanics showed them the engine had never been started.

There is a 50% fuel savings but one uses a heck of a lot of runway!

They are making a movie about this. Dumb and Dumber 2!

If they were kind enough to build a long runway I’m gonna’ use all that’s available. Wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. 8)

Besides, longer takeoff rolls generate more propwash for the local collectors.

About 30 some years ago a Lear 35 tried to depart the old airport in Riyadh. Couldn’t get one started so the rocket scientists thought they would just taxi real fast, get it windmilling add ignition and fuel and presto it would start. Just like in the simulator. Course in the simulator you start at 10,000 feet, dive the airplane to build up speed and it works.

They ended up in a smoking crater.

Several years later same outfit, different crew (obviously), found itself in the same situation.

Same result.

Might have been a 36 now that I think of it.

That’s nothing. Allen takes off with no engine on his aircraft. :slight_smile:

Don’t thousands of people takeoff on one engine every day…?

Spotting at Flying W Airport - September 1, 2008 - YouTube) :laughing:


Don’t thousands of people takeoff on one engine every day…?

Spotting at Flying W Airport - September 1, 2008 - YouTube) :laughing:


Fly with one engine??? Are you out of your mind! You could die that way![/quote]

:laughing: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

You stalking me boy? :smiling_imp:

Humorous to see you post a video that was shot at one of my home airports and taken by somebody I know.

Visit Steve’s website for some aviation porn:

I think it is more likely that I am stalking you… not that I am or anything… seeing as how we’re both from Jersey.

So I guess that means I’m stalking all of the FA staff… They’re from Texas. :unamused: :confused:

Or maybe they are stalking you, you ever think of that?

Ugh! Those trees at the Flying W drive me nuts. Cut them down already!