The iPad is here to stay, please release an iPad app.

I realize that the iPhone app will work on the iPad by going to 2x. But gosh, having a full iPad version would be really great! Now that iPad 2 has been released with the updated OS, please consider a stand-alone iPad app. Also, I’m curious: Is it that difficult to create an iPad app using the iPhone as a basis - or is it a ‘start from scratch’ project? Thanks!!!

Can you explain what betterment there would be with an app for the iPad vs. just accessing FA as a website on the iPad?

Serious question, thanks.

Because that would take opening up the browser app, then typing in the website, then waiting for the website to load. Why do that when it can be done in one tap? Clearly, too many steps and inefficient use of time. DUH JAMES!!! :laughing: