The incorrect spelling of Opa-locka Executive Airport

The correct spelling of the airport is on the subject line. Flightaware has it listed as Opa Locka Airport.

There is a hyphen between Opa and locka because it is a contraction of the original name and the “l” is not capitalized. The airport also added the word “Executive” to their name.


Thanks, this has been corrected.

While we’re correcting in South Florida, let’s look at this one:

KFLL shows up in FA as Hollywood Intl. Its official name is Ft-Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport as per their website.

Personally, I don’t really know exactly in what city that airport is; city limits here are like cutout lines of a jigsaw puzzle. All I can be sure of is that the city of Ft. Lauderdale abets the north side of the airport, and the city of Dania/Dania Beach abets on the south side. Hollywood is south of Dania. Given the fact the airport is administered by Broward County, the airport may simply be on county property.

All this to say that the name Hollywood Intl may not be the best one to associate to this airport.

We shorten long airport names due to formatting issues. I agree “Hollywood Intl” is confusing; people don’t think of Florida with a name like that unless they’re familiar. Come up with a better short name and we’ll make it happen!

How about Ft.Lauderdale Intl?