The Gang of Eight

My 250th post will be dedicated to the Gang of Eight. They are tobyz1, pika1000, JHEM, cfijames, NeedleNose, damiross, planaholic, and CessnaCitationX. All of us above have strictly followed the code of law for the Gang of Eight. :wink:

It started way back in the verticle profile thread. And for all of you who are going to post something like…

Here is my answer spoken to you by pika.

OK, by now you guys might be wondering why I chose to put this thread in the Future Requests and Ideas Forum. [drumroll please] And now, dbaker, can the Gang of Eight have “Gang of Eight Member” put below where is says FlightAware Member? [/drumroll]

I hereby propose that you must have 500 posts in order to make proclamations. :wink:

W/e happened to the five post rule?

I would never join a club that would lower its standards to such an extent as to consider admitting me as a member!


Maybe it should become “Gang of Seven-Point-Two”.

I’m still trying to read every post in the forums, but my time lag is becoming excessive. Hopefully, I’ll be more timely in about 2 months when I go to a 24-hrs-on/72-hrs-off work schedule.

I for one feel extremely honored to be considered part of “The Gang”!
:open_mouth: :laughing: :exclamation: :wink:

Uh-oh… I think my membership is now up for review by the board. I hope it’ll be a favorable ruling :cry: