The "Everything Worked Right" Thread


I see all the threads here regarding things like dropped tracks, wrong arrival times, wrong type, etc… How bout one where something went right? Of course, with a lot of websites, no news is good news, but sometimes you might be surprised. You could go looking for a certain flight and expect something to be amiss, only to find that it isn’t, making you say “wow”.

I’ll start.

The other day I’m sitting at KSAN with the scanner, when a COA B738 comes rolling up the taxiway. Tower calls and says “pull off to the right by B1, I have a re-route for you. Advise when ready to copy.” So they do, copy the new route and depart. A few minutes later I went home and came on here, fully expecting to see 2 filed plans. One showing enroute, the other showing delayed. Wrong! Only one was there, complete with the re-route. Looks like the cancellation messages went thru correctly on the old plan.

In a further nod to KSAN tower and the 2 guys in the front of that Boeing, tower asked if they needed a few minutes to program the new route. Pilot says no, they’re already familiar with the POGGI2, and they’d punch it in on the way to Imperial. Tower clears them for takeoff. They go. As the gear is coming up, tower says, "We just got a release time for you. Oh well, contact SoCal."
If they had decided to re-program on the ground, it would have cost them an extra 20 minutes.


I am moving to Seattle in August, and have started tracking the two continental flights I will be taking… I’ll be much better informed when I get into the air in August.

Thanks! :smiley:


You can listen to Seattle Tower as well . . .


Started doing that last night… KSEA is busy busy busy…


Where are you coming from?



I guess everything’s not working right, right?


Coming from KRDU…

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