The end of Camelot . . . (The Kennedy's)

CNN News Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy loses his battle with cancer.

Mr. Kennedy survived an (N344S) Aero Commander 680 crash back in 1964, were Kennedy’s aide, and the pilot lost their lives, and Kennedy himself had a “negligible” pulse followed by various operations to save his life.

Time Magazine from June 26 1964.

NTSB Brief


Could this be the California governor on the way in?

He also survived a car crash at Chappaquiddick where the woman he was with lost her life.

A woman who was NOT his wife, he was able to escape but the woman unfortunatly drowned. Which many political annalyst say is the main reason for his failing to make the democratic nomination for presidency TWICE.

There are about 100 TFR’s for Maratha’s vineyard right now

They have been there since the 23rd. Obama is there all week. I didn’t see any new ones.

RIP Teddy

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Oh about 1980 I was working at Innotech Aviation in Toronto when a corporate jet pulled up, and out stepped Sofia Lauren.

She was promoting her new perfume line, and a camera crew from a local tv station was filming her and asking questions. She then hopped in her limo and drove off.

The crew cleaning up, brought out a dozen roses in a box from the plane, that had been left behind - and gave then to the girl at the FBO desk.

Inside, the roses, still had a card - they were from Senator Kennedy, guess I we should have kept the card!!!

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yes you should have kept the card that you the tax payer payed for.

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