The C-310 that crashed today

I am surprised that there is NO mention of the C-310 that went in this morning taking out the 2 on board and 3 innocents on the ground.
The C 310 is and always has been a handful and may well be the most unsafe twin ever. This is the 3rd crash I can recall.**

Ah, grasshopper, try looking at this: … highlight=

and this: … highlight=

You say this is the 3rd C310 crash. Without context, 3 crashes doesn’t make the aircraft unsafe. Is it the 3rd crash in 2 weeks? 3 months? 10 years? How many hours a year is the C310 fleet flown? If all of the C310s average 1000 hours a year then yes, it’s an unsafe aircraft. If they fleet averages 500,000 hours a year then the aircraft isn’t quite as unsafe.

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Thanks for your reply on the C-130.IYou make very good points.I found that is still a tricky plane to fly v.the C-340 I used to fly.

Because, your yelling aside, the aircraft is blocked as you can find out in the other discussions on this topic.

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