The airline Aerorepublica doesn’t exist anymore


I’m new in this community, actually is the first topic that I write.

The thing is that I’m commercial pilot here in Colombia, and I requested my first FlightFeeder to FlightAware, and seeing the maps, I saw that there was a flight named Aerorepublica XXXX (flight number), in fact, that is my point.

Aerorepublica was a airline founded in 1992 and in 2010, was named Copa Colombia, the airline have the name registered but the company is Copa Airline, and the aircrafts flying through this country, calling “Copa Colombia” and in the memory of the people in this country is Copa Colombia, not Aerorepublica.

I don’t know if there is a posibility to change this name to the real name that they use.

Note: Apologize for my english, is so bad, but I’m doing my best.


The above URL has information about Aerorepublica. It just looks like a brand change like when United had Ted.

Also, in the upper right corner you can select your country and language.