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Via Dark Roasted Blend, pictures and descriptions of a 747 converted into a restaurant. Interesting photos…

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They could have at least washed/painted that 747. It looks sad.

Looks like some serious metal fatigue around most of the seams too! A little duct tape, some fresh paint and a new right wing and she’d be good as new. Looks like a pretty nice restaurant on the inside though

We had a local (relatively) eatery that sported a Connie as a tophat. The interior had been gutted and “upgraded” to a restaurant and bar. I ate there once simply so I could say that I had as the food was nothing to write home about.

Jim Flannery’s Constellation Lounge.

Thankfully the plane’s found a reprieve and is now at Dover AFB awaiting restoration as a static museum display. Sad to state, she’ll never fly again after her wings were literally clipped (cut off) prior to her move.

You trying to say that is a Southern Japan bird? Duct tape is a great southern auto repair tool!

My Mom was from Levittown PA and I remember seeing that place a ton growing up but like the author of that story never did get to eat there. I just remember sitting in the back of my parents old Chevelle and craining my neck as we’d drive by I thought it was the coolest thing to see an a/c on top of a building and then to find out it was a resteraunt made it even more interesting. Glad to hear she has a better home. :slight_smile: