The 234,000 point flight!


From Air Canada’s Aeroplan webpage. A typical flight for this route is between 15,000 and 25,000 Aeroplan points.

I am note complaining, but why would you even bother to offer this. " Duuhh George, look! Lets take the 200,000 point flight to Montreal. Can we George, can we George"

"ClassicPlus Flight Business BOOK FLIGHT 234 000 Total Miles DEER LAKE (YDF) to MONTREAL TRUDEAU (YUL)

Thu. Sep 25, 2008Departs06:30Arrives10:14Stops 1

Mon. Sep 29, 2008Departs11:00Arrives17:59Stops 1 View detailsTotal connections/stops 2

Add to compare listTotal travel time 10:43"

For the record, the best I could do for these days was 44,000 points.


that’s got to be a mistake!


Nope. It was one of four options in the 200,000 point range.