The 1,100 mile diversion


On Friday, February 8, Luthansa 459, an A340-600, San Francisco-Munich, was about halfway between Labrador and Greenland when it turned around and landed in Montreal — over 1100 miles away. A snowstorm was in progress at the time. I saw a photo of it on the ground in Montreal today, Saturday that was posted to a spotter’s group. The flight was later completed. … /KSFO/EDDM

I have no idea what the record distance is for a diversion but this one seems pretty impressive. Nobody seems to know the reason for the diversion.



Diversion was for a medical emergency. From the cadors database:

DLH459, Airbus A340-600, enroute from San Francisco (KSFO) to Munich (EDDM), was routing between 60N 060W and 62N 050W at 37,000 feet when it declared a medical emergency and requested clearance to divert to Montreal (CYUL). The aircraft was cleared as requested and departed Gander airspace without further incident.


Thanks for that.