thank google

Sweet! Who needs 3G?

Those sitting in the plane on the ground held hostage while waiting for hours on end to deplane during the holiday crunch :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I am amazed at the cost at the bigger airports for wireless when the small airports like KJAN provide wireless for free.

Is there really that much more in cost for infrastructure for a larger wireless network to warrant having to pay BOING some gawd awful fee for one hour’s time on the net or is the travelers being gouged. Inquiring minds would like to know.

It’s not the cost. Airports know that people with nothing to do will pay $$ to have access to the net, plus alot of business takes place in airport lobby’s all over the world and some greedy company is going to take advantage of this new revenue stream. I remember when getting air at a gas station used to be free too…

Bigger airports don’t feel the need to attract passengers so they can nickel-and-dime people. Bigger airports mean bigger expenses. They want to increase revenue any way they can. Bigger airports also have more business travelers who can expense the obscene cost of wireless access at airports ($9.95 is the figure I’ve seen most for a day’s worth of Wi-fi access)

And service with a smile, yep, they were the days…

Don’t laugh too hard, but there are STILL some full service stations down my way (Quite a few in Vicksburg MS)! And still pumps that ding in increments as the gas is being pumped with the anologue dials turning.

Glad you’re back Allen. I thought you had disappeared for good there for a while.